Fitness 24:Seven

School project group of 3

This project was my final school project before graduation. Our brief contained this information; work with a company with a clear target group and strong branding but that have lost their star quality by a out of date identity.  What kind of opportunities has the brand to increase their market by a new product or new services?

We choose to work with Fitness 24 Seven which is maybe Sweden’s fastest growing gym chain. Their target group is the ordinary exerciser that think that good quality training shouldn’t cost a fortune. All though Fitness 24 Seven is a big and popular gym chain their meaning feel out of date.

After hours of analysing the brand we decided to create a new concept that we came to call – Kan själv (basically means that you can do it by yourself). Our goal was to bring Fitness 24 Seven in to the future and to new heights. We wanted to give them a strong visual identity that matches the brands self-assured members. We therefore decided to update their graphic profile, website with a webshop, and to create new and smart techniques like our workout application that works like a digital personal trainer for all Fitness 24 Sevens members.

With this we gave Fitness 24 Seven three words to work with, Strong, motivated and developing.

Fitness 24 Seven demo


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