Our brief contained this information; choose one or more parts of IKEA and create digital solutions that will make the customers shopping experience better and easier. Use digital techniques to solve a problem. Create a new web design, show it in wireframes or a demo.

We created a new concept for IKEA. We wanted the personal touch to take greater prominence and give the customer more power. We wanted to increase the inspiration. IKEA has great knowledge when it comes to furnishing and design and this is something we wanted them to share even more. We also choosed to change the image manner to create a more inspirational feeling. IKEA is an admirable company when it comes to communication in the physical environment, but it lacks the same clarity when it comes to the digital platforms, thats why we decided to create a more modern feeling and to exploit space and smart solutions.

Digital screens and mobile application in the department stores.

The planning tool demo!



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